Saturday, December 18, 2010

the Scavenger's Zone ( Yahoo Group )

Okay, I've created a Yahoo Group for a gaming barter group.  Here's the link for the Scavenger's Zone  .  I wanted a name similar to this blog,  yet different so there wouldn't be any confusion between the two.

So, if you've got some stuff you no longer want or need, and there's something you would like to trade for, you can join this group.  I'm still working on all the details, but for now things are gonna be a bit unrestricted.  I haven't listed the group on the Yahoo directory yet, and I may not do that.  I haven't decided if the messages need to be moderated, so for now everything is un-moderated.  If there gets to be a problem I may change that.

I haven't written a huge list of rules, well, there are no rules yet.  Again, I'll play it by ear, and if necessary I will come up with some guidelines.

This is an experiment, and if it doesn't work out that's okay.  I'll see how it goes.  I mainly want it to be a group for trading gaming related items, but I think we can be a bit lenient about what gets traded to a degree. i.e if you've got a bunch of books you want to trade for gaming stuff that's fine.

Anyway, if you're interested please join.  In the future I may need a couple of moderators as well.  Of course the pay is lousy... *cough*non-existent*cough*.

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